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Our Mission

We believe in providing a healthy, supportive community for those struggling with the everyday effects of bipolar disorder and other mental illness issues. Our mission extends to all who are looking for a place to ask the hard questions, support when life seems impossible, and practical guidance in their healing journey with recovery principles. Come be a part of our growing community!

Personalized Speaking & Coaching

Bipolar USA’s mission embraces not just our online forum community, but extends to providing in-person coaching to those who need guidance in coping with the effects of mental illness. Our coaching is a 1:1 resource for individuals, clinicians, and therapist partners.

As part of our advocacy, Bipolar USA offers clinicians “a patient’s perspective” to assist in their treatment plans for those dealing with bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. These proven techniques, and available CEU’s, are some of the services clinicians can expect from Bipolar USA. Click the link below to find out more about bipolar coaching services for individuals, therapists and mental health facilities.

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