Continuing Education Courses for Social Workers & Mental Health Professionals


Bipolar USA is offering two continuing education courses worth 2 CEU’s each and taught in person at your preferred location. The courses offered are focused on skills and knowledge when working with patients with bipolar disorder and other mood disorders.

Cost Per Course: $50 (includes a Certificate and a digital copy of presentation).


Course Title: Encouraging a Recovery Mindset in Practice

Course Objectives:

Identify the patients stage in the recovery process and understand why Shared Decision Making is important to your clients’ outcomes. Also, learn why a negativity bias harms the therapeutic process and how encouraging the Full Circle Process leads to powerful outcomes.


Course Title: The 5 Stages of Recovery

Course Objectives:

Learn the 5 Stages of Recovery to help develop a recovery focused treatment plan.

  • Stage 1 – Impact of the Illness
  • Stage 2 – Life is Limited
  • Stage 3 – Change is Possible
  • Stage 4 – Commitment to Change
  • Stage 5 – Actions for Change


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