What does that word really mean?  Empower who or what? What makes a person feel empowered?  I often ponder that word when I hear it. I have lived such a life of desperation that I’ve often felt left out of the world’s processes.  Coming from a childhood of such neglect and leaving home at 18 I didn’t have much choice but to get myself up and move. It is just part of who I am.  I never considered those thoughts I had of survival as empowerment.

Today I think our natural tendencies to protect the young people by not making them earn their freedoms and fight their way through life brings an entitlement mentality that they deserve to be free to do as they will without consequences.  I know I have. My two daughters have children from their teen years of which I’m now raising three. I look at the damage I produced within their little minds by fighting their fights for them and covering them with large arms of safety. Today they don’t know what to do or where to go with their lives.  I’ve run out of energy to continue to guide and direct them with the grandchildren now in our home.

I don’t say those things to appear empathetic but to instill the understanding that we have a Creator that is more than willing and far more able to deal with the faults and mistakes we and our children make.  When I can’t do it any longer, I rest in the fact He can and does. Yes I have three little children in my home, but on most days that is a wonderful experience. I fight the thoughts my parents had of getting them out of the house as soon as the 18th birthday comes around.  I want to savor the little dreams and simple delights they find in themselves each day. It is a reminder that once upon a time the little girl in me had the same thoughts and dreams.

So going back to the word empowerment, should we say that it is just another dimension of our humanity and be okay with the results we get by our motivations to live?