I dare say most people with mental health issues have the same core need -the need to be heard and understood.  When we find ourselves in new situations our mental health suffers because we lack the words to say what we want and need and people get frustrated or sometimes angry with us because we aren’t making sense (to them) or we don’t say anything at all. We live in a mind that is filled with negative, ugly and condemning words and unless we have a coping skill that allows for journaling those thoughts out, they stay there until they find a way to escape through unhealthy behaviors.

Many people see this as a low self-esteem issue or low self-worth issue but a lot of times it is just a lack of experience. I remember in the early stages of recovery, I heard a preacher on TV say that I needed to expose myself to as many different situations as possible so that is what I did. I went to networking meetings around town and even went to business socials and large events just so I could get exposed to different circumstances and learn how to better handle myself in public. It worked beautifully and I do it all the time now.

When we learn how to cope with the public and with our family members through learning about our symptoms and our own personalities, we do much better with life. Our world begins to open up to new opportunities and our behaviors improve. We can hold jobs, be selective in relationships, be involved with family events experiencing fewer triggers and most of all we can forgive those who have hurt us while having more empathy for ourselves as we learn and grow.