I’m gearing up for a 5-day juice fast at a retreat that caters to those looking to detox, get grounded and leave the worries of keeping up with a schedule behind. I’ve decided to go after doing a video on how to eat proper food if you have bipolar disorder.  

I have to admit I’ve fallen into a habit of being inconsistent and committed to a healthier lifestyle.  I just graduated college and got married 6 months ago.  I’ve had some struggles and my focus has wavered.  It is important to me to be true to myself in all things.  I strive to be faithful, loving and kind and I have fallen short more often than I’d like to admit too.

This retreat will help me do many things.  First it will help me to remove the sugar and some of the toxins weighing my body down.  It will help take away the brain fog that is stealing my focus.  It will take away the burdens of family life that have recently pulled me into a pit of depression so I can see a clear vision of what my next steps should be.

It will also give me 5 days to complete most of the book behind this ministry of helping people with bipolar disorder.

I recognize I’m in need of emotional detoxing before entering the next season of my life. I need a clear perspective on the past three years and a plan for the next three years.  BipolarUSA.meis a space I’ve created on the internet to find hope and healing through the lives and experiences of others just like me.  If you are looking for a new perspective, some knowledge and a person who can relate to your situations, check me out on Facebook @bipolarusa and start the conversation.